The Mission

Free internet is becoming a norm.  Visitors expect free WiFi access in public places.  Businesses are looking for a way to monetize their free WiFi.  Mark E. Ting has a solution.  We use sophisticated technologies such as real-time-bidding and social media for advanced Ad targeting and the highest yield.  We enable businesses to further engage with customers and get user analysis.

Why MarketFi

Because Mark E. Ting advertising and monetization cloud-based platform brings you a new and unique revenue stream.  Create new revenue & enhance your wifi service.  Monetize their existing WiFi network.   Earn money,  promote your brand and further engage with your customers.

Wifi Marketing Opportunities

WiFi marketing
  • own brand promotion
  • increase user engagement, loyalty and sales
  • advanced user analysis
  • social media features
WiFi monetization
  • new media space for advertisers
  • new revenue stream
  • visitor data analytics

There is no need to change your current network topology.  Easily connect your network to ours.

Using incompatible AP?  We have a solution!  Simply connect our captive portal appliance next to your main internet source and you are free to go!

Need help?

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