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After testing 18 Canadian brokers and exchanges, NDAX was one of the cheapest apps overall. NDAX had a 0.49% total BTC purchase fee (1st place) and a 0.26% + $4.99 total fee to cash out BTC to your bank (1st place). Out of 18 platforms tested and all fees considered, NDAX had the lowest fees for buying Bitcoin in Canada. NDAX® isn’t simply a solid stage; Additionally, it caters to a wide range of user requirements with a comprehensive set of trading features.

And it also enables you to stake some of these assets to earn a yield on them. One thing however, is that when accessing the coins in your wallet, there is no reference within the “Transaction Information” to the cost in CAD. Obviously this is a very key detail important when dollar-cost-averaging or trading. Without knowing the price of the previous purchase, it’s difficult to determine your exit/new entry position. In order to see the current prices of the coins on the main page, I need to manually pull down from the top to refresh the prices.

  1. I headed to Reddit, Trust Pilot and other online reviews to see what other people thought about NDAX.
  2. is not a registered investment, legal or tax advisor or a broker/dealer.
  3. The registration process for the exchange is painless, its user interface is easy to navigate and the trading fees on the platform are moderate.
  4. I typically choose the free method, even if it means waiting longer to receive the cash.

Users can easily execute trades, monitor market trends, and manage their portfolios thanks to the platform’s clean and straightforward layout. Both NDAX and Bitbuy’s standard trading fee is similar (.20% to buy/sell), but Bitbuy maker trades are only .10%. If you’re interested in opening a crypto trading account with NDAX, the process is an easy one. To get started, head to the NDAX website, and select the “Sign Up” button.

NDAX Walkthrough

On the home dashboard you can get an overview of your portfolio value, transaction history and other information. There is also a Quick Buy/Sell section on the top right section of the screen. This is the easiest and quickest way for beginners to make trades on NDAX. This obligation to straightforwardness enables clients to come to informed conclusions about their speculations. NDAX® ensures the security of users’ investments by adhering to industry best practices and compliance standards. The execution of these security highlights lays out NDAX® as a dependable stage for both prepared merchants and newbies entering the crypto space.

NDAX is a Calgary-based cryptocurrency exchange platform known for having the lowest trading fees in Canada. NDAX has simplified the buying and selling process for crypto-enthusiasts of all experience levels. For the newbies, you get quick access to 32 different cryptocurrencies on an easy-to-use ndax platform. Veteran crypto-traders can take advantage of more advanced features and sophisticated trading tools. But when it came to calculating my fees, things got a little murky. While NDAX is considered one of the best crypto exchange platforms in Canada, here’s what to know before signing up.

NDAX vs. Coinbase

All content should be used and must be used for informational purposes only. It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment. We signed up for every crypto exchange and brokerage so you don’t have to. Alex is the owner of, where he covers all things finance, Web3, and cryptocurrency.

Deposit & Withdrawals

While the Quick Buy/Sell feature on the main dashboard certainly is convenient, it won’t meet the needs of more advanced traders. If you need more sophisticated tools, navigate to the menu panel on the left of your screen and click Trading. Another stand-out feature is that you do not have to dig through your settings to set up payment methods in advance.

Other platforms offer several withdrawal methods to choose from, and usually one of those methods are free. While I personally prefer the EFT withdrawals, I’m not crazy about the fee. I typically choose the free method, even if it means waiting longer to receive the cash.

bitMachina as an alternative for buying cryptocurrencies with a credit card

NDAX has its own Over-The-Counter trading platform called NDAX Wealth, for investors who need to trade $200,000 or more. Here, you’ll appreciate real-time charts courtesy of TradingView. TradingView lets you use technical analysis tools like measurements, trendlines, and timeframes, to name a few. You can watch the performance of coins, make price predictions, and execute trades based on your analysis, all in one place.

Asset Recovery Fee for NON-Supported Assets

NDAX will give you a preview of the transaction and disclose the fees. Of course, you can also withdraw your crypto off the platform by sending it to an external wallet. The transaction may also be subject to blockchain network fees outside of NDAX’s control. It has fast and free CAD deposits via e-transfer and wire transfer. The client driven plan reaches out to the record creation and login processes. NDAX® focuses on a consistent onboarding experience, guaranteeing that clients can get to their records safely and proficiently.

This involves completing the necessary information that is required in order to open an account with NDAX. You can also deposit crypto to your NDAX account by transferring it in from an external crypto wallet. Overall, NDAX is less popular than apps like Shakepay and Coinbase, yet it’s one of the cheapest places to buy Bitcoin in Canada.

Canada In the past few years, cryptocurrencies have experienced an unprecedented rise in popularity worldwide. As computerized resources keep on reshaping the monetary scene, the requirement for secure and solid digital currency trades has never been more pivotal. NDAX®, Canada’s most secure cryptocurrency exchange, is at the center of this changing landscape. It offers users a robust trading and management platform for digital assets. As the digital currency scene keeps on developing, the significance of a safe and easy to use trade couldn’t possibly be more significant. With a platform that combines cutting-edge security features, regulatory compliance, and a robust set of trading tools, NDAX® has emerged as a market leader in Canada.

However, NDAX is the first exchange I’ve used that asked for my Social Insurance Number (SIN). Providing your SIN is optional, but it definitely weirded me out a little bit because other major exchanges have not asked for my SIN. Unfortunately, another downside is that NDAX has an extremely limited selection of coins.

Like several other Canadian exchanges, they are registered with FINTRAC, Canada’s watchdog for money laundering and other illegal activities, such as terrorist financing. If everything checks out, NDAX will confirm your account, and you’ll be ready to transfer funds and begin trading. NDAX is a Canadian cryptocurrency exchange that serves millions of Canadians crypto enthusiasts – both newbies and seasoned pros alike. Best of all, Hardbacon users receive a $20 account credit when they choose Square One. This is the only trading option available, so if you want to swap directly between crypto pairs, you’re out of luck on NDAX. You will always have to trade back into CAD and then re-trade your CAD with the new token you want.

Instant Crypto

But at least you get access to the important ones like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Chainlink (LINK), Cardano (ADA), Dogecoin (DOGE), and other popular coins. From your dashboard, navigate to the Quick Buy/Sell block, click on Sell, enter an amount, preview the transaction AND CRUNCH THOSE NUMBERS. If all is well, execute the trade by clicking on Confirm Selling. This is where you need to be vigilant and pull out that trusty calculator.

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